Monday, December 13, 2010

What are you Full of?

We just got back today from my follow up appointment.(.My post-op appointment, to be exact)..Everything looks good! My poor foobs are starting to bruise, and are in that lovely diarrhea-yellow color bruised stage right now...But they look good. And as far as that lump that had me scared.....(You know, the one that my doctor sent off for biopsy during my surgery, because she found a lump of mystery tissue while taking my expanders out...) Well, it turns out that it was just dead fat tissue (fat necrosis), and nothing serious....THANK GAWD! I was kind of stressing over that. I knew deep down that it was probably going to be nothing, but still, to be faced with "We found a lump and don't know exactly what it was" kind of freaked the fuck out of us after surgery......So yeah...WHEW!

Here is a picture of my foobs, without the steri strips on...(My doctor took them off today.) She also didn't use any stitches, staples or anything...She used internal stitches and being a week out of surgery, and with these scars being reopened, I think they have healed beautifully.....You can see that my left side is still a little higher than the right, but that is because of the swelling, and my doctor thinks that it will settle into where it is supposed to in the upcoming months...You can see the bruising around the scars....The lovely diarrhea yellow color...
6 days post exchange surgery.

It feels weird to finally be done with the breast part of this whole journey...No more expanders...No more fills....No more.....The next step-Nipples......That is another blog....Not for tonight though...Not tonight......

I have just been soooooooo exhausted lately. I don't know if I am trying to do too much, not allowing myself to rest, or what, but I get so irritable at certain times of the day because I am so tired..I can barely keep my eyes open. (Of course, except for now, and it is almost midnight....I should be in bed!)  I understand that it hasn't even been a week since I had my surgery, and that I need to allow my body to heal, and I need to rest, yadda yadda yadda, but come on.....I'm not some geriatric patient who needs a daily nap...I feel like such a slacker when I have to wimp out and go actually rest my eyes for a while during the day...I don't work like that...And plus, when you have a 6 year old and a 4 year old, it doesn't work like that either.....Things have to be done...And dear ol' husband just won't do a lot of the things that mommy does.....Like laundry, dishes, cooking, making beds, sweeping, etc.....The show must go on.....I ain't no geriatric!

ON THE OTHER HAND.........I absolutely DO feel like a geriatric, in the aspect of being so constipated that it has completely consumed my days.......Yes...This happened to me the last time I had surgery...I went 8 days without taking a shit after I had my first surgery, and it was possibly the worst experience EVER to physically go through...This time, it's about the same....It is awful!

I am so full of shit that I am afraid to eat solid food because I don't want to" back it up" anymore than it already is inside of me...Is this what old people go through? SHEESH! And I even started taking stool softeners before my surgery this time, to try and prevent this problem.....I have been doing everything I tell my own patients to do when they tell me they are "backed up".....I've been drinking tons of water....I've been taking my colace (stool softeners), and MOM (milk of magnesia), I've been trying to move around......It is just due to the pain medications, and the general anesthesia I had for the surgery....I guess that anesthesia really puts my bowels to sleep..For like a week......SHIT! I am going to stop taking my pain medications, put up with the pain, just so I can take a shit! Yea, it's that bad...

Sorry....I know you just wanted to know all of that....But this is real REALLY happens to lots of people after surgery! And just because I am a woman, with beautiful boobs, that doesn't mean I can't talk about being full of shit! We are all full of shit at one point or other....(Some of us are just more than others...)
Here's me, at my post op appointment.And yes..I am full of shit..


Rachel said...

omg. you are so funny...and full of shit! lol. i went a personal record of 6 days...well...i cheated and passed one almond size turd during that 6 days, but does that even count? i think not...why did i even ask. lol.

i was so desperate by day 6, that i told my nurse i was having fantasies about enemas! she actually said that wouldn't be such a bad idea, so i went out and bought a Fleet Enema! (btw, it was only $1.80 with tax for the enema kit.)

well, i guess just buying the enema was enough for my body to kick into natural gear, because when i got home and was sitting on the potty reading the directions, i dropped the motherload naturally.

and when i say i dropped the motherload, i seriously mean i dropped the motherload, because i blocked up my toilet. ha! take that toilet. better you blocked up mr. toilet, than me. lol.

anyways, since then, i have been pooping beautifully! sometimes, 3 beautiful bowel movements a day! i have been taking 2 soflacs twice daily and will take it until my prescription runs out in a few days. shouldn't be a problem, because i am already tapering off my meds.

good luck with the pooping. no wonder you are getting cranky.


Rachel said...

omg...i'm so horrible. i forgot to mention that your boobs look phenomemal! very small incisions too! woo hoo!

aslatenrn said...

Thanks, Rachel..My foobs don't look half as good as yours do, but I'm pretty pleased with them. Haha.

And I am so glad there is someone else out there that shares my experiences and thoughts on constipation..It is a very traumatic experience. Since finally going, (and yea, I stopped up the toilet too...), I am traumatized everytime I have to sit on the toilet...My poor asshole is so sore and feels like I gave birth out of it...I'm afraid of the next time I have to poop, because I am afraid of making the trauma down there worse! My poor poop shoot!

I did use a fleet enema last time with my 8-day constipation thing, after my first surgery...And I actually clogged up the tip of the fleet enema....Yea...It was THAT backed up....

So thank you, for making me feel like I'm not alone, and that I am not the only one out there that is full of shit...Thank you....Hahaha...(We are so classy!)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog....I just got diagnosed with Stage I IDC. This is the first breast cancer related post that has made me LMAO! Thank you for know the part where you are full of shit! :)

Good luck to you in this journey!