Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Dream of Boobs

As I sit here and type this, my pectoral muscle on my right side is twitching so hard that my entire right arm is spasming, making me look as if I have Parkinson's or something....."Why???" might you ask.....Well.....I had my next-to-last fill today!!! That's why! YAY!!! One more time, and I will be done! (With the whole expansion process, at least.)  These fills definitely DO get more painful each time, and they do make you more uncomfortable, and for the record, this fill today was the worst one yet....By a long shot..But like I always say, I chose this, and I guess I can't really complain, because the alternative would be to sit around and wait for my breasts to welcome cancer into them.....So I tolerate the pain and the muscle spasms because I know it's only temporary...But I can still say fuck the pain and fuck the muscle spasms if I want....So fuck them. I'm in pain, and I don't like it.

Her boobs helped create mine..
At least in my mind
The size that my foobs are right now are the size that my implants will be, says my doc.....The reason I still have to go for one more fill is because my doctor said that she wants to make the "pocket" in the muscle a little overexpanded, to allow for swelling after my next surgery...She is going to use 500cc implants, because the size that I am right now is the size I want to be...(A FULLLLLL C cup.)  Actually, I told her I wanted Scarlett Johansson boobs when we first started the expansion process, and today, when she saw them, she said that my boobs were " finally there"...They were like hers...Of course, minus the nipples, areolas, real breast tissue, sensation, etc....But they look like hers...So the goal has been met...Next visit is primarily to stretch my pec muscles even more. And then we take a 2 month break...THANK GOD...The reasoning behind this is to allow my muscles and overexpanded nippleless foobs to chill out for two months until the process is repeated....But that time, with soft, squishy implants that don't need to be blown up every couple of weeks...These expanders have made my muscle-pockets big enough to cradle implants, that will allow me to have Scarlett Johansson boobs...Fake looking boobs..Or should I say foobs...But unlike her, I will never have to worry about all the shitty stuff that comes along with having real boobs, with breast cancer being at the top of the list.....But wait...Everyone wants to know...Are hers even real?? I guess this is a question I will have to live with for the rest of my life as well...And I will be glad to say, No.....Mine are as fake as they come....Right down to the nipples.When I get nipples...And when I get my tattooed areolas.....I'll take one for the team..